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Cameron North Road Massage Therapy

About Our Clinic 

Cameron North Road Massage Therapy has been providing excellent registered massage therapy since 1988 for residents of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody and New Westminster. 


 We are licensed with the BC College of Massage Therapists and as such are able to provide therapy under the health care system. We can offer a large variety of techniques and styles to help with pain and suffering due to injury, stress, illness, trauma, posture, pregnancy or post-operative difficulties. Massage therapy will work well in your overall plan for a return to optimum health. We at Cameron North Road Massage Therapy look forward to assisting you in your journey to wellness.
We are located above the Red Robin Restaurant near Lougheed Town Centre, walking distance from Lougheed skytrain station.  

#275 9600 Cameron St. 

Burnaby, BC, V3J 7N3


604-420-1600 (voice mail only)

604-352-4403 (text message only)

New Team Members!!

We welcome Kitae Kim and Arthur Truscott. 


Kitat is an accomplished osteopathic practitioner and Arthur has been excellent RMT in lower mainland since 2015. We welcome both of them joining our clinic and ready to serve Burnaby and Tri-City community. 


Please see more details about Kitae and Arthur below. 


Our Therapists

TC Wang, RMT

TC Wang, RMT

TC's massage is based on traditional Swedish and petrissage techniques, incorporated with fascial release and joint mobilization.  Creating physical balance is the main concept in TC’s massage treatment.  Releasing the tight soft tissue and rehabilitating the weak muscles allows a person's skeletal frame to reach its natural alignment.


TC also respects a patent's pain tolerance and carefully performs massage using comfortable pressure and a moderate speed. This allows patients to experience massage filled with a peaceful balance of mental relaxation while obtaining the full therapeutic physical effect.

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Arthur Truscott, RMT

As a practicing RMT in BC since 2015, Arthur has the experience to employ a highly intuitive style of assesment and treatment. Having continued his education post graduation, he can choose from a variety of massage techniques ranging from the more subtle and gentle, like Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Biodynamic Myofascial Mobilization, to the more intense styles, like Deep Myofascial Trigger Point Release.


Arthur’s favourite form of exercise is weight lifting, but he has enjoyed a wide variety sports in his life, and will almost certainly have some useful tips for improving performance, AND avoiding injury for your favourite activities!

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Kitae Kim, DOMP

Kitae Kim, DOMP

Kitae obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Korea in 2014. In July 2018, he moved to Vancouver. Since arriving, he has completed his Diploma in Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy as well as his Acupuncture degree at Central College in New Westminster.


During training in Osteopathy, Kitae has had the privilege of receiving additional training by Mehrbod who is the founder of Best Osteopathy and he decided to join the team. Kitae has developed his skills in structure concept of osteopathy along with human anatomy basis through this training.

Kitae serves his clients in both English and Korean.

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Direct Billing

Direct Billing

Before request for direct billing:

  • We process direct billing for most major insurance companies; such as, Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sun Life and Canada Life. For lesser known insurance companies, please check with your therapist for eligibility.

  • Not all insurance policies allow direct pay to therapist. Please have a full understanding of your own insurance policies before requesting direct billing. Therapist does not affiliate with insurance companies and is unable to answer any insurance related questions. 

  • When direct billing issues occur, it will be client's responsibility to generate full payment at the time of treatment. 

  • Direct billing to ICBC and WCB is not available at the moment.

  • Any clients that have an active case with ICBC and WCB will not be eligible for direct billing services to all insurance companies.  

  • Secondary / Spouse coverage is only available to the Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life and Green Shield. 


  • We offer our clients the convenience to book appointments without deposits or withhold credit card information. In order to provide such privilege, we reserve the right to make changes on appointments and fees. All the changes will be notified to clients at earliest convenience, unless it is due to emergencies or health related issues. 

  • In case of fee changes, we will post a notice on our online booking site a month prior to the effective date. All appointments made under the old fees will be adjusted to the new fees without additional notice.

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